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Ningbo Changqi Bathroom Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.
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We are engaged in developing fashion appearance and easy usage soap & hand hygiene sanitizer alcohol (gel, spray & foam) dispensers for cleaning hands and environment. Your healthy we care! We have our sole technology which is already patented in dispensers. We have established integrated quality guarantee aMore
Highlighted Exhibits
Stainless steel hand dryer ASR6-8
Hand dryer ASR6-12
Touch-free Alcohol Dispenser DT 1200
Automatic Stainless Steel Disinfectant Dispenser DT 400S
Hair dryer ASR7-1
Hair Dryer ASR7-4
Hair Dryer ASR7-5
Hair dryer ASR7-6
Hair dryer ASR7-8
Hair dryer ASR7-9
Push type Stainless steel hand dryer ASR6-14
Stainless steel hand dryer ASR6-1S
Products Recommendation
Touch-free Alcohol Dispenser DT 1200
Stainless steel automatic foam soap dispenser ASR5-5SF
Wall mounted automatic soap dispenser ASR5-6
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